د.موسى محمد موسى رئيــس الجامعـــة


In the Name of ALLAH, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate


These are welcome words to Sirte University website’s visitors. Sirte University has, miraculously, been able stand on its feet again and re-emerge from the ruins of war, which the country witnessed in 2011, in an unprecedented time and manner, to play its natural and expected role, as any other ambitious university, in contributing positively towards the development and progress of the community. As mentioned earlier, the university managed to get back on its feet in a very short period of time thanks to the enthusiasm and determination of its academic staff, administrators, students, and all the inhabitants of the city of Sirte, who all played a major role in protecting the university’s properties and premises during the war and who all, afterwards, worked tirelessly to ensure the return of the university to an even better position that it was before the war.

All of this has happened just after the liberation of the city of Sirte thanks to Almighty Allah and a new era dawned with freedom all over our beloved country, Libya.
As mentioned above, with love and passion for their city and university, all the city inhabitants worked so hard, with negligible or limited resources, to get the university running back again. This love and passion is because they, very much, appreciate the significant and essential role the university plays in the region, which is located in the middle of Libya, in preparing a highly qualified and trained people in all walks of life which would then positively contribute to the development and progress of the Libyan society as a whole. This is because, as we all know, human resources are one of the key elements in the development and progress of any society.

However, Sirte University’s future role should not just be restricted to its orthodox role of merely teaching and lecturing, but rather its role should focus more on scientific research with tangible and concrete results which could help in solving the persistent and reoccurring issues within the community while at the same time complying with the quality assurance measures and preserving a high academic level which would guarantee a highly qualified and competitive university graduates.

This website is the first step for reaching out to the outside world and it is the mirror which reflects what is going on in the university to the outside world. Besides, this website serves as a gateway through which we get our visitors’ comments, feedback and suggestions on the content of the website which, we believe will be very beneficial for us in improving it, in order to provide a better quality of services for our visitors. This website also serves as a platform for answering any queries and/or questions which you may have about the university.

Finally, we welcome you again on the university’s website and we hope you find it useful. We would also very much like to see you here again because your visit will be very useful for the service providers and recipients from inside and outside the city of Sirte.



May Peace be upon you

Professor Mousa Mohammed Mousa
University Chancellor