Facts and Figures

Some statistics and information about the university,


• The University is relatively new.

• It comprises of 6 schools on campus and 4 others off-campus some of which are outside the city of Sirte in towns such as Bin-Jawad and Zamzam.

• The total number of students registered in the academic year 2012/2013 is 10007 studying in 14 different schools and academic departments.

• 500 of these students live in a university-paid accommodation.

• The total number of graduates since the foundation of the university in 1992 until the academic year 2009/2010 is 7010.

• Out of the 7010 graduates, 4574 are females and 2536 are males.

• The university employs 454 teaching staff. 180 of them are MA holders and 236 are PhD holders.

• 455 postgraduate students are currently pursuing their higher studies in different countries around the world. 254 of those students (of which 92 males and 162 females) are doing their Masters Degree and 191 (of which 136 males and 55 females) are doing their PhDs.