The university was founded as a branch of the University of Garyounis (now known as the University of Benghazi) in the year 1989. In 1992, it became an autonomous institution and was then known as Al-Tahaddi University but was later re-named as Sirte University in 2010.

Since it gained its autonomous status, the university has been continuously expanding and has become one of well-recognised higher education institutions in Libya. Starting off with a few schools and academic departments, the university has at present 15 different schools on and off-campus in different cities and towns such as Al- Jufra, Bin-Jawad and Zamzam and with a total number of students of 11049.

The university currently employs about 407 full-time teaching staff and 101 are contractual foreign employees from Arab and non-Arab countries. The university also employs 1009 non-academic staff in different departments and offices across the university.

The university is also trying to enhance self-learning and research culture among its students by building a new and comprehensive library with more than 100000 resource materials. The university has also established a Languages Centre in a hope of improving the standards of English language among its students and to provide pre-sessional English courses for students who have awarded scholarships to do their masters and PhD degrees abroad. In addition, another aim of the languages Centre is to teach languages other than English, namely, Italian, Spanish and German in the near future.

Moreover, as part of its on-going plan of expansion, the university is currently undertaking major construction projects. One of these projects is to build University City with up-to-date facilities and equipments in order to improve the learning environment for the students which would help them to perform better and achieve higher standards.



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