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It is an honor for me to welcome you to visit our website, hoping that you will find everything is useful and beneficial, and I welcome your opinions and suggestions to raise the level of the office’s work.

The International Cooperation Office (ICO) is an important and realistic mechanism for self-development through developing, documenting and enhancing cultural and scientific relations with various universities by establishing and forming several collaboration agreements and Memorandum of Understanding as the international cooperation between universities has become one of the most important cultural and knowledge standards by which the development of societies is measured.

The ICO at the University of Sirte represents the link between our university and other universities, federations, and local, regional and international bodies and organizations. Through this communication, it aims to establish educational, research and scientific partnerships and exchange information and experiences with them.

The University’s International Cooperation Office includes several departments, such as the department of international organizations, department of agreements, and the student exchange department (mobility). In addition to the coordination and follow-up unit, the office technically follows the heads of the faculties' international cooperation departments who represent the advisory committee of the office.

We aspire for the university’s international cooperation office to achieve its goals, which we hope to contribute with the efforts of sincere people to advance the university and improve the quality of performance and raise it to the global level according to the university’s vision, mission, and objectives.


                                                            Best Regards                      

                                                            Dr. Mohamed Milad Ahmed

                                                            Director of International Cooperation Office

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Welcome to the International Cooperation Office (ICO) website. Here you can learn about our programs, the ICO in Sirte university acts as a window to the university. It tries to reach internationalization which every university seeks to achieve. In this connection, the mission of the (ICO) is to support the university locally and internationally through the international agreements and scientific projects in order to achieve its globalization.