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Tasks /Duties of the international cooperation office

1.Prepare memoranda of understanding and agreements held by the University and its counterparts from foreign universities in coordination with the official State authorities. In addition to that, we follow up the procedures of implementing each of these programs.
2. Participate in the management of the executive programs of the agreements and memorandums of understanding signed between the university and its counterparts from foreign universities in coordination with the relevant academic and research units.
3. Follow-up the implementation of joint international projects implemented for the University and issued from the official cooperation programs between Libya and some international and regional bodies.
4. Propose programs and ways that support the university and its position regionally and internationally.
5. Preparing visits of delegations representing the University in international official forums in coordination with the competent authorities.
6. Prepare arrangements for the reception and hosting of delegations in accordance with the various cooperation programs.
7. Coordinating and following up students’ affairs procedures who study abroad whether through ( scholarship system, chairs or special account).
8. Managing and following up students’ affairs programs who study abroad as part of the bilateral agreements of the University or as part of the programs provided through the international competitive universities.
9. Following up the procedures related to verifying the validity of the scientific certificates of the international students.
10. Contacting regional and international organizations which are relevant to the University, and coordinating with them with regard to participation in the activities pertaining to the University.
11. Preparing conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings and exhibitions carried out by the University and attended by foreign delegations.
12. Supervising the university's external participation related to various cultural and scientific activities.
13. Helping academic staff members in the implementation of scientific sabbatical programs and benefit from them at the international level.
14. Coordinating with the competent authorities to meet the needs of the university of foreign academic staff members in accordance with the programs and bilateral agreements signed with the university or the formal framework agreements of the State.
15. Coordinating with the Administrative and financial units of the university regarding the preparation of the annual budget for international cooperation.
16. Following up complaints offered to the university by foreign parties in coordination with the official authorities of the State.

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Welcome to the International Cooperation Office (ICO) website. Here you can learn about our programs, the ICO in Sirte university acts as a window to the university. It tries to reach internationalization which every university seeks to achieve. In this connection, the mission of the (ICO) is to support the university locally and internationally through the international agreements and scientific projects in order to achieve its globalization.