President's Message


كلمة رئيس جامعة سرت

Dear visitors,

Welcome to our newly launched English website.

Thank you for taking some of your time to surf our newly launched English website. Sire University is 33 years old university. In those years, the university has been trying to establish itself and stand on its feet. It has successed in many aspects but it has failed in some others. However, failure in our dictionary does not mean the end. It rather means that we keep trying and trying until we get where we want. In those thirty years or so, our university has built a domestic reputation and it is now ranking in the 6th place in the National Ranking Scheme. Our ambitions are much higher and we are aiming to reach the outside world. This is why we are launching the English website to serve as a gateway to the outside world so that the world can see us, interact with us through this website. They can see who we are and what we are doing and what we plan to do. Therefore, I kindly invite you, our dear visitors, to surf our website to get to know more about our university. We promise our visitors that we will be updating the website regularly with the latest news and events that are taking place in our university. Finally, I kindly invite you, our dear visitors, to send any feedback, comments or suggestions which could help to improve the design or the content of our website to …


Thank you again for taking time to visit and surf our website

Dr. Suliman AlShateer
The president