Vice president for Academic Affairs


Dear visitors,
I am so delighted to welcome you, our dear visitors, on our English website which will hopefully meet your desire and expectations. The vice presidency for academic affairs believes that its primary role/goal is to equip our graduates with the required knowledge, expertise and capabilities that assist them to actively contribute in the development and prosperity of their local and wider communities. To this end, we are working so hard to ensure that our teaching and research are of a high quality and are in accordance with the national and international standards. Moreover, one of our top priorities is to provide distinguished undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs in all disciplines. In addition, we are also working tirelessly to create the right academic environment by signing mutual agreements and partnerships with universities and other academic institutions on the local, regional and international levels.These and other efforts, we hope, will help in enhancing our performance which in turn would put us in a much better position from we stand right now nationally and internationally.

Last but not the least, I wish that this newly launched website meets the expectations of our visitors from all walks of life but particularly researchers and academicians and it serves as a platform for exchanging knowledge and expertise in our beloved country and abroad.


Thank you!

Prof. Eltayeb Elgobbi

The Vice president for Academic Affairs