What are the requirements for admission?
Students are admitted to one of faculties in the university after fullfilling the following general requirements:
- An official Secondary School Certificate or equivalent.
- Certificate of good behavior from school.
- Non-criminal State Certificate.
- Health State Certificate.
- Copy of National Identification (Passport for non-Libyans student).
- Copy of the second page from the Libyan Family booklet..
- Student's Birth Certificate.
- Student's Residency Certificate (from Libyan Family Booklet for Libyans).
What mode of study does the university follow?
There are different modes of study in the university depending on the students’ specialization and his/her choice of the study mode:
1- Full-time mode of study
2-Part-time mode of study
What is the language of instructions at the university?
A - Arabic language is the official language of instructions in the university.
B - English language is the language of instructions in some faculties and departments, such as engineering, medicine, dentistry and the English departments.
What study system does the university follow?
A - The university follows an open semester as well as the annual study system depending on the specialization and the faculties internal regulations.
b- The university adopts the full-time mode of study in most faculties but studying as part-time student is available in some faculties and departments. 
C - Students may suspend his/her study within one month from the beginning of the semester or three months from the beginning of the academic year. This opportunity of suspension is only available once during the full study period.
D - Students who follow the annual study system are eligible to re-sit final exams. In case the student did not pass all the courses, he/she may proceed to the next year with two courses from the previous year.
When will I get an official academic warning?
The student may be dismissed from her/his study for the following reasons:
1- If the student is absent without leave for one academic year or two successive semesters.
2- The student is dismissed if her/his overall average is very low (less than 35%) in one of the first two academic year or in two semester from the first four semesters.
3- The student is dismissed if she/he failed in two successive academic years whatever the general average or if the student achieved minimum numbers of study warnings according to the Semester Regularity.