Registration Requirements

Students can apply to one of the academic programs to obtain an undergraduate degree after fulfilling all the conditions set out in Article (5) in the Study, Examinations and Disciplinary Act, and in accordance to  the following procedures:

a.  Applicants should submit their applications to the  New Students' Admission Committee in the University Registrar Office along with the following documents:

  • Recently awarded General Secondary School Certificate (GSSC) or its equivalent.
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Heath certificate
  • A copy of a phototropic ID Card for home students and a copy of the passport for overseas students.
  • A copy of the second page of the Family's Records Booklet which includes information about the family record booklet holder.
  • Birth Certificate for the applicant
  • Certificate of Residence (This can be found in the Family Records Booklet for the home students)
  • Six passport-size photographs
  • Suspension file

All documents listed above, along with a completed application form, should be submitted to the New Students Admission Committee. Students should, then, get a recipient for these documents which can be used by applicants for checking the progress of their applications until they are admitted to one of the faculties according to their specialization and their overall grade in their GSSC.

  • All successful applicants should go to the Faculty's Registrar Office, to which they had been admitted, in order to get a registration form.
  • Students should then go to the Finance Office along with the registration form to pay the required tuition fees and they should keep the recipients for future references.
  • Students should take their payment recipients and the registration forms to the Study & Examination Department to choose their modules/subjects with the help/advice of their personal Academic Guide.
  • After they have selected the modules/subjects they wish to study, students would then receive a copy of the registration form from their Academic Guide to be used as a proof of their registration.
  • At this stage, students become fully-registered and they are required to start their study immediately according to their lectures' timetable.

Admission Guidelines:

As the General Registrar of Sirte University, I am pleased to introduce you with this brief guideline which outlines some of the steps/procedures which students need to follow when applying to any of the academic programs in the university. This guideline also states some of the criteria/conditions which should be met before applying to study at Sirte university.

Thank you!

The University Registrar