Graduation Certificate and Academic Transcripts

Students can have an academic transcripts of completed and passed study modules during time of study free of charge for the first time for existing students and graduated students. However, student would be charged for it thereafter.

The certificate of Graduation and the academic transcripts are given as follow:

The graduates submit a written request form to the Faculty registrar containing the requirement of Graduate Certificate, academic Transcripts or both. If the student requires a copy of Graduate certificate and an academic transcript for the second time or more, the written request form along with the payment receipt are  transferred to the Study and Examination Department to check for legality issues.

Inter-university Students' Transfer


Students can transfer from faculty to another if they meet all requirements set up in Article (7) and (8) in the University Study, Examination and Discipline Regulations  in addition to the Internal Regulations for the Faculties. The  steps that student should follow in the transfer process are summarized below:

1- Students should submit to the Faculty registrar the following documents:

-  Fill out a request form stating the reasons  for the transfer

-  A recent Academic Transcripts

- A letter from the Faculty from is transferring stating that the student is not dismissed from his/her study.

2- Faculty Registrar presents the documents to the Faculty Dean for approval or disapproval.

3- In the case of rejection, the documents are returned to the Faculty registrar in order to inform the students with the decision taken by the Dean.

4- In the case of approval, the Faculty registrar writes to the Faculty the student moving from in order to transfer the student's file in an enclosed envelop.

Suspension of Student Registration

1- The student submits written request for Suspension of Registration to the Faculty registrar within time limit indicated in Article (12) in the University Study, Examination  and Discipline Regulations.

2- If the written request met all conditions, the Faculty registrar suspend the student study Registration and transfers a copy of the request to the Study and Examination Department and another copy to the student's academic Department.

3- If the request of Suspension of Registration took place after the time limit, the request is presented to the Faculty Dean to make a decision.

Renewal of study Registration


The Renewal of Registration is done at the start of each semester/academic year as follow:

1- The student fills in the Renewal Registration form in the Office of Faculty Registrar.

2- The student pays the fees for renewal of registration at the University Finance Office.

3- The student submits Registration form and payment receipt of study to the Study and Examination Department

4- The student receives the Registration form from her/his academic Tutor.

Academic Admission and Registration for Freshers.


The student register in one of Sirte University Faculties to gain University certificate in a particular subject after meeting the condition in Article (5) in Study, Examination and Discipline Regulations as follow:

1- Freshers (new students) needs to hand in the required documents to the admission panel of new students at the University Registrar Office, the Required documents are:

- Latest Secondary School Certificate or equivalent.

- Certificate of good behavior from school.

- Non-criminal State Certificate.

- Health State Certificate.

- Copy of National Identification (Passport for non-Libyans student).

- Copy of the second page from the Libyan Family booklet..

- Student's Birth Certificate.

- Student's Residency Certificate (from Libyan Family Booklet for Libyans).

- Six personal photographs .

- Suspended Files.

The student hands in the previous documents to the Admission of new student panel for appointing students to various Faculties and then receives a receipt for it in order to consult and check the lists of appointed students names according to their subjects, averages and Faculties.

2- Consults the Faculty registrar where the student appointed to in order to receive registration forms to register.

3- The student pays enrolment fees at the University Finance Office and receive payment confirmation for it

4-The student presents the enrolment fees confirmation and registration form in order register of Modules which the student need to study after the consultation with the academic Tutor.

5-The student receives the Registration form from the academic Tutor in the Faculty.

6- The student attends lecture as in the study timetables